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FrankenLecture: A Tale of Two Frankensteins

The artifactual differences between the Eaton’s unique 1818 Frankenstein and unique 1831 Frankenstein, and  between our copies and other copies of the same editions, are fascinating, but why do these different versions of the book even exist? What textual changes did Mary Shelley make, and why do scholars think she made them? In this lecture for English 20C at the University of California, Riverside, PhD student and 200 Years of Frankenstein co-curator (and WhinyPantsFrank mastermind)  Miranda Butler tells “A Tale of Two Frankensteins.”

Click “Read More” on the YouTube description to jump to a specific topic within the lecture, or begin at timestamp 30:24 to focus on analyzing the textual differences.

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You can read Miranda’s musings on Frankenstein and other matters on her blog