Roster 2021-2022

Chair: Janet Reyes
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Rachel Starry
Secretary: Elisa Cortez
Delegate: Noah Geraci
Alternate Delegate: Alvaro Alvarez
Past Chair: Carla Arbagey, Judy Lee

Parliamentarian: David Rios
Alternate Parliamentarian: Jessica Kruppa

Chair: Michael Yonezawa
Carla Arbagey
Judy Lee
1st alternate: Jessica Geiser
2nd alternate: Andrew Lippert

Representatives to LAUC Systemwide Committees
Diversity: Rachel Starry
Research and Professional Development: Kat Koziar
Professional Governance: Michele Potter

Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, and Elections
Chair: David Rios (2nd year)
Jesse Kruppa (2nd year)
Michele Potter (1st year)
Noah Geraci (alternate)

Committee on Diversity
Co-chairs: Sandy Enriquez (2nd year), Rachel Starry (2nd year)
Representative to CODEI: Sandy Enriquez
Judy Lee (1st year)
Carla Arbagey (1st year)
Jessica Geiser (1st year)
Alvaro Alvarez (1st year)

Committee on Personnel
Chair:  Rachel Starry (LAUC-R VC/CE)
David Rios (2nd year)
Michael Yonezawa (1st year)
Andrew Lippert (2nd year)

Committee on Research & Professional Development
Chair: Kat Koziar (1st year)
Jessica Kruppa (2nd year)
Rachel Starry (2nd year)
Jessica Geiser (1st year)

Committee on Professional Governance
Chair: Michele Potter (2nd year)
Kat Koziar (1st year)

Committee on Programs
Chair: Michael Yonezawa (2nd year)
Robin Katz (2nd year)
Michele Potter (1st year)

Academic Senate:  Representative to
Committee on Courses: Janet Reyes
Committee on Library & Scholarly Communication: