Invitation to LAUC Assembly 2022!

Assembly is just a few weeks away!

Assembly will take place as originally scheduled on March 15 at UCSB



  • The in-person program on March 15 will focus on the business meeting in the morning, with more informal LAUC-related conversation and campus tours in the afternoon
  • At least the business meeting will be held both in-person and on Zoom

We will hold additional LAUC-wide programming (discussions about PI status, DEI issues, etc.) virtually, separate from Assembly, over the course of the remaining academic year

Assembly webpage and registration

  • Webpage and registration:
  • Funding: We don’t want travel cost to be a hindrance for anyone, so I am pleased to report that we will have grant funds available to cover Assembly travel for many of our members! You can request such funding on the registration page.


Our Assembly Planning Committee weighed many considerations and ultimately focused on accomplishing two main goals:

1) The first goal in planning and hosting an Assembly is to maintain the tradition of assembling in person and physically experiencing a different campus each year. The LAUC bylaws support this structure, in that each campus is to send 2-5 members/delegates each year to represent the librarians on those campuses.

2) An additional goal is to engage our membership in thought-provoking discussions about issues affecting librarians. Our last two Assemblies, held virtually due to the pandemic, established that these heavier discussions may be richer when they include as many LAUC members as possible. To that end, they are often well suited to a virtual format that can host more people. We find that, at least this year, these sessions should be held outside of Assembly and spread out over the course of the academic year, so as to not overwhelm members with one-day, nonstop programming.

The current division of programming allows us to meet both of our goals and to include the largest number of total participants. The survey responses we received confirmed that there is significant interest in both in-person and virtual components. While we know that there is no perfect solution that will satisfy all needs, we are confident that the current plan provides the best possible balance.