LAUC-R Librarian Colleague Check-In (Thursday, Mar. 3, 2022 12-1 PM) – In Gather

Next week Thursday, March 3, 2022, 12:00-1:00 PM, the LAUC-R Committee on Programs will once again be hosting our bi-monthly colleague check-in.

This check-in meeting will take place in Gather. NOTE: you do not need to log in or sign in to participate in our check-in meeting. However, please plan on joining at the top of the hour to allow yourself at least 5 minutes to customize your avatar, plus there is a mini-tutorial to walk you through the basics of navigating and interacting with objects throughout the meeting space.

The only thing you will absolutely need is the link:

Please make sure to use a device with speakers/headphones and a microphone. And for the best all-around experience a camera/web-camera as well.
NOTE: Gather on a mobile device has limited functionality. Using a Desktop device is suggested. The most important tips involve movement and opening and closing interactive objects.

  • Move by using arrows or right click on where you want to go and select “move here”
  • Open interactive objects by pressing x
  • Close out of interactive objects by clicking on the x in the upper right-hand corner or hitting the esc key.

Shout out to Michele Potter for suggesting Gather and for setting up our meeting space.