Local Grants Recipients

On January 26, 2017, the LAUC-R membership voted to distribute professional development funds solely to individual librarians and discontinue the previous practice of putting funds aside for a local research grant. From this date forth, all professional development funds provided for within the LX contract, the discretionary UL-designated funds provided to non-represented librarians, and additional funds for represented librarians will be distributed directly to all librarians equally, incorporating requirements from the current LX contract for represented librarians.

Systemwide LAUC provides research grants for librarians; the information can be found on their website.

Ruben Urbizagastegui: Inca writing: Quipus, Yupanas and Tocapus
Melissa Conway: Using the Schoenberg Database to Track the Movement of Manuscripts in North America

Marie Bronoel: Citation Analysis; UCR Biomedical Program


Steve Mitchell: Cold Hardy Citrus Database and Imagebase
Krista Ivy: A Day Without Art in the Los Angeles Region

Michele Potter: Approachability of the Reference Desk and/or of the Librarians

Ruben Urbizagastegui: Popular Music in El Salvador, 1970-1990

Emily Stambaugh: Usability Research for Microform Collections
Lizbeth Langston: Fred Strickler’s “Quotation Marks”
Ruben Urbizagastegui: Popular Music in El Salvador 1970-1990

Lizbeth Langston
Kuei Chiu


Nancy Douglas: Making the History Filmography
Vicki Bloom, Michael Yonezawa and Lizbeth Langston: Usability Assessments of Library Web Site

Nancy Douglas: Making the History Filmography

Lizbeth Langston: Collaboration with Dance Historian Angene Feves, Instruction pour Danser les Danses
Judy Lee: Making a Positive Impression with What You Have poster session
Ruben Urbizagastegui: Author’s Productivity in Bibliometrics

Sid Berger: “Continuing the Analysis of the Theories and Practices of Leonard Baskin’s Printing”
Vicki Bloom: “Putting the MAGIC back in the MAGician Tutorial”
Kuei Chiu: “Collection Development Practice and Policies in Chinese Academic and Research Libraries”
Kuei Chiu (with co-author Yu-Lan Chou): “Asian Language Newspapers in the United States: A Worldwide Web Project”
Lizbeth Langston “Collaboration with Dance Historian, Angene Feves”

Nancy Getty: “An Interactive Web Tutorial on a Shoestring: Poster Session for LOEX of the West”
Michele Potter: “U-see-R Library Video Conferencing Project”
Carlos Rodriguez and Wally Babcock: “Library Web Site Awareness Survey”

Vicki Bloom: Damage Control and Staying Alive: How to Work with Computers and Survive poster session
Ruben Urbizagastegui: Popular Music in El Salvador, 1970-1990
Margo Young: Update Records for Electronic Journals in INFOMINE

Sidney Berger: Early Bindings and Printing of Jane Austen’s Books

Barbara E. Haner: Multiple Database Searching in the Geological Sciences


Sheryl Davis: Commonly Used Rules of Thumb for Library Disaster Response

John Bloomberg-Rissman: A Study of Katherine Chidley in Her Times

Sidney Berger: A Bibliogrpahy of the Printed Works of Kim Merker

Nancy Douglas: Retrospective Conversion in the PG Classification for Russian Materials
Heidi Hutchinson: Compilation of a Bio-Bibliographical Dictionary of Contemporary Austrian Writers
Carol Resco and Barbara Hunter: Geology of Riverside County: A Bibliography with Subject Index

Patrick Dawson: Book Chapter on REFORMA
Monica Fusich and Loreli Tanji: Project LITCRIT: Implementation of an Expert System for Humanities Freshman Students
Margaret Mooney: Matching Library Holdings Against GPO Tapes: An Investigatory Study
Jeff Sleth: Comparative Study of the Rates at Which British and US Publications Go Out of Print

Patrick Dawson: Two Projects with Colección Tloque Nahuaque UCSB
Heidi Hutchinson: An Examination of Two University Libraries to Assess Changes in the Attitude of German University Libraries Toward the Patron in the Past Ten Years.
Margaret Mooney: GPO Monthly Catalog Tapes
Jeff Sleth: Managerial Ambition

Nancy Douglas: Library Research Guide to Psychology
Nancy Huling: Ethics in Reference Work
David Hunter: English Song Books of the Eighteenth Century: Their Contents, Publication and Description research
Margaret Mooney: Microcomputer-based Automated Depository Item Numbers Database presentation
Heidi Hutchinson and Jeff Sleth: Librarians’ Research: A Comparison of Conditions in UC and CSU
Steve Mitchell: Guide to the Literature of Sustainable Agriculture

Gerald Benoit: Annotated Bibliography of Paleography and Lettering
Araxie Churukian: Bibliography on the Communist Party and the Kurdish Question in Iraq
Frank D’Andraia: The Impact of New Office Technology in Academic Libraries
Nancy Koller, Peter Briscoe and Jefferson Sleth: In-House Use Study
Carol Resco: Seed Money for Online File for the Physical Sciences’ Library’s Geologic Map Collection

Myra Russell and Barbara Montanary: I-AIMS for Science Libraries
Margaret Mooney: Microcomputer for LAUC-R

Laine Farley and Shirley Leung: Subject Enhancement in an Online Catalog: A comparison of the Art and Architecture Thesaurus and the Subject Access Project
Jefferson Sleth: Alternative Lifestyles: A Guide to Research Collections on Intentional Communities, Nudism, and Sexual Freedom.


Margaret Mooney: GPO Cataloging: Is it a Viable Access Tool for U.S. Documents?

Shirley Leung: MARC CIP Records and MARC LC Records: A Study of Their Discrepancies