Professional Development Funds

Professional Development Funding Guidelines
The current system for allocating professional development funds is to divide the funds allocated to LAUC-R represented librarians evenly among eligible librarians. Additional funds provided to represented librarians by the University Librarian are added to these funds for each librarian. Non-represented librarians professional development funds are at the sole discretion of the University Librarian. Represented librarians may spend their allocated dollars, in accordance with the Contract for the Professional Librarians Unit (LX) between the University of California and the American Federation of Teachers, Article 3.  Non-represented librarians may spend their allocated dollars in accordance with APM 360.

Annual allocation per librarian (represented and non-represented): $1500.00 (2021-2022)

LAUC-R Research and Professional Development Committee will subsequently be referred to as LAUC-R R&PD.

Date Action
June – July LAUC-R professional development funds are calculated and approved. Amount of individual allotments are determined and membership is informed of the level of support.
July – March 30 Professional development travel and funding requests can be submitted for the current fiscal year.

REPRESENTED Librarians: The total amount of funding for professional development is stated in the current LX professional librarians’ contract. Any additional funding is at the discretion of the University Librarian. Individual allotments are adjusted each fiscal year. Until the individual allotment is determined, authorizations are limited to the amount of LX guaranteed funds. Funding for individuals is capped at the amount of the determined allotment. Any allotments not used or requested by March 30 will be available for redistribution.

NON-REPRESENTED Librarians: Funds for professional development and activities are provided at the discretion of the University Librarian.
Any allotments not used or requested by March 30th will be available for redistribution.

NOTE: Travel and other professional development approvals are requested through the library’s Travel Request App. All receipts must be submitted and UCR iTravel information completed within 10 days of your return or the completion of the professional development event.

 March 30-June 30 Professional Development travel and funding requests may be submitted in the Travel Request App for events that will be funded in the NEXT fiscal year.  Approvals during this period can only be guaranteed up to the amount allowed by the LX contract pending final confirmation of the next fiscal year’s individual allotments.
March 30-April 15 1. LAUC-R members can resubmit requests for any unfunded portions of their professional development requests for consideration of supplemental funding by the LAUC-R R&PD Committee. Resubmittals should be sent to the Chair of the LAUC-R R&PD Committee via the Travel Request app. Librarians must indicate on the Travel Request app both the amount requested and the amount that was originally reimbursed.

2.  LAUC-R members submitting requests for additional funding are encouraged to simultaneously add the re-imbursement travel information in iTravel to ensure timely end of year processing. Any information not added to iTravel or receipts not provided to the library travel coordinator by May 20 WILL NOT be processed in the current fiscal year even if LAUC-R R&PD approves the allocation of funds.­

By April 15 The Library’s Director of Planning and Budget will provide the Chair of the LAUC-R R&PD the fiscal year-to-date professional development funds expended and balances spreadsheet.
April 15-first week May LAUC-R R&PD committee determines remaining fund distribution allocation.
Second week of May LAUC-R R&PD committee confirms remaining distribution to the Director of Planning and Budget or designee and librarians requesting additional funding.
May 20 All Travel re-imbursements must be fully entered into iTravel and receipts submitted to the Library’s Travel Coordinator.

Multi-Year Funding of Travel
Librarians may use funds from two years of allocation to cover the costs involved in a single professional development request.

Year 1: The registration deadline for a conference is before July. The librarian may use funds from Year 1 to have the library pre-pay for registration only.
Year 2: The librarian may use Year 2 funds to pay for the remainder of the conference expenses up to the amount of professional development funds available in Year 2. Note that only funds provided for as part of the LX contract are guaranteed each year.

Travel and professional development expenses charged to the current fiscal year should be completed in iTravel and receipts submitted by May 20 each year.

End-of-Year Unused Funds
Librarians should use the library Travel Request App to submit requests for use of available unused funds.  Start a new entry in the Travel Request App. In the section marked, “Purpose of Trip” include “Supplemental LAUC-R funding”. Complete the dates of travel field so that travel personnel may easily locate your original travel request.

Complete iTravel and submit the original receipts, if not already completed as part of the original travel request.

NOTE: If this is a new travel event not previously submitted, you must follow the usual chain of approval via the Travel Request app and have an approval in place by April 15th.

Any unused LAUC-R R&PD funds will be divided as determined by the LAUC-R RPD committee based on resubmitted requests whose activity is in accordance with allowed professional development activity.

Procedures revised: 12/19/2016
Revised by the 2016_17 Committee on Research and Professional Development
Tiffany Moxham, Chair
Dani Cook
Kat Koziar
Yoko Kudo
Cherry Williams