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LAUC-R Librarian Colleague Check-In (Thursday, Mar. 3, 2022 12-1 PM) – In Gather

Next week Thursday, March 3, 2022, 12:00-1:00 PM, the LAUC-R Committee on Programs will once again be hosting our bi-monthly colleague check-in.

This check-in meeting will take place in Gather. NOTE: you do not need to log in or sign in to participate in our check-in meeting. However, please plan on joining at the top of the hour to allow yourself at least 5 minutes to customize your avatar, plus there is a mini-tutorial to walk you through the basics of navigating and interacting with objects throughout the meeting space.

The only thing you will absolutely need is the link: https://app.gather.town/app/74vgK2yjVxu7wken/LAUC-R

Please make sure to use a device with speakers/headphones and a microphone. And for the best all-around experience a camera/web-camera as well.
NOTE: Gather on a mobile device has limited functionality. Using a Desktop device is suggested. The most important tips involve movement and opening and closing interactive objects.

  • Move by using arrows or right click on where you want to go and select “move here”
  • Open interactive objects by pressing x
  • Close out of interactive objects by clicking on the x in the upper right-hand corner or hitting the esc key.

Shout out to Michele Potter for suggesting Gather and for setting up our meeting space.

LAUC-R Colleague Check in Tomorrow at Noon

Our LAUC-R Colleague check-in will be tomorrow, August 27 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.

Spend a lunch hour in conversation with your colleagues! Topics may include:

  • your thoughts on how LAUC-R can support you in the year ahead
  • professional accomplishments, projects, and conferences attended this summer.
  • how we’re adapting to the differences of working remotely: technology, time management, colleague and patron interaction – you name it!

Please see the calendar item attached to the email announcement for how to connect to the meeting.

LAUC-R Brown Bag Professional Series – Feb. 19

For the Winter event in the LAUC-R Brown Bag Professional Series, Kat Koziar and David Rios will give a presentation on Wednesday, February 19, from 12:00 – 1:00 in Rivera Library, Room 140.

David and Kat will speak on Supporting “Along the Chaparral: Memorializing the Enshrined.”

“When UC Riverside partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration’s Veterans Legacy Program on a multi-year, federally-commissioned project called Along the Chaparral: Memorializing the Enshrined, Principal Investigator Allison Hedge Coke asked Data Librarian Kat Koziar to build the foundation for the project’s data management” (UCR Library News, May 8 2019). Kat used this opportunity to provide a wider array of library support that included recruiting Special Research Projects Director David Rios to assist with local history and archival genealogical research. Along the Chaparral has multiple outputs, including two print anthologies, a film, a documentary, live performances, and an interactive GIS app that shares the life stories of more than 1,000 individuals interred at Riverside National Cemetery.

Join us on the 19th as our colleagues fill us in on the pivotal roles they played in this unique collaborative project.

A Dim Sum of Conferences, July 24

Do you have questions about the “alphabet soup” of library conferences – for instance, what’s the difference between CARL, ACRL and CLA? Which conference covers my area, by topic and/or geographically? What steps would I take to present at a conference?

An upcoming LAUC-R program titled A Dim Sum* of Conferences will address these and other questions.

The program will be held on Wednesday, July 24, from 1:30 – 3:00 pm in Rivera Library, Room 140. 

At this informal panel-like discussion, LAUC-R members will share their knowledge and experiences regarding conferences at which they have recently presented, including ACRL, CARL, CLA, CNI, DLF, LILi … and more! Light refreshments will be served.

This program is a collaboration between the LAUC-R Programs Committee and the LAUC-R Research & Professional Development Committee.

Join us to gain insight for choosing your own “heart’s delight” of conference opportunities that may further your professional growth.

Cassini’s Legacy: Saturn’s Secrets Revealed, Tuesday, May 10

Trina’s presentation, Cassini’s Legacy: Saturn’s Secrets Revealed will be on Thursday, May 10, from 4:00 – 5:00 pm in the HUB, Room 269.

If you attended Trina’s talk in Orbach last May, you know what an engaging speaker she is! If you missed it, here’s your chance to experience her humor, knowledge, and behind-the-scenes insights about one of the landmark scientific programs of recent times.

Trina was the Cassini Science Planning and Sequencing Team Deputy. In that capacity, she focused on the exciting end-of-mission planning, which made headlines on September 15, 2017 as the spacecraft disintegrated in Saturn’s atmosphere.

Click here for further information and to register. Refreshments will be served.

Librarianship Around the World, Feb. 12

The LAUC-R Programs Committee invites you an international librarianship panel discussion on Monday, February 12, from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm in Rivera 403.

In this event, UCR librarians will draw on their experiences with libraries in the countries or regions with which they are familiar. For these countries, they’ll describe the unique missions and activities of libraries and provide insight into the library profession, how librarianship is practiced, and library development.

The panelists are: Swati Bhattacharyya (India), Kuei Chiu (China), Rhonda Neugebauer (Cuba, Chile, Latin America), David Rios (Mexico), and Patricia Smith-Hunt (Bermuda).

Light refreshments will be provided.

Film screening, Mon. December 11: “1971”

The LAUC-R Programs Committee presents an upcoming film screening, featuring Johanna Hamilton’s 1971. The screening will take place Monday, December 11, 12pm-1:30pm in Orbach 240.

This film tells the little-known story of the Citizen’s Commission to Investigate the FBI, a group of anti-war activists who broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania in 1971, exposing documents that revealed the startling breadth of COINTELPRO surveillance programs. Through interviews and primary sources, the film thoughtfully explores questions of privacy, recordkeeping, social responsibility and civil liberties: topics central to librarianship that remain starkly salient in the present day. For more info, see the film’s website or Kanopy.

Brown Bag Professional Series : From Zero to Makerspace, Friday, October 27

On Friday, October 27 from 12:10 to 1:00 pm in Rivera 403, Kat Koziar and Michele Potter will give us a preview of their presentation for the upcoming CLA conference. Their talk is titled “From Zero to Makerspace: The UC Riverside Creat’R Lab Story.”

Michele and Kat will discuss the challenges and successes experienced while envisioning and bringing to fruition our user-centered and driven makerspace. These include funding challenges, identifying and fostering (sometimes unlikely) partnerships, the nitty-gritty logistics, and how they focused on user needs when building our services.