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Membership Meeting, Dec. 13, 2018

Location: Rivera Library Room#403
Time: 1 – 2:30 PM

Members present:

  1. Kent welcomed the members and drew attention to the meeting guidelines posted on the whiteboard
  2. Update from UL :
    1. On the negotiation with journal publishers: He gave a description about the background work of the briefing session for faculty regarding the status of these negotiations which was to take place on Thursday, December 13, 2018, 2pm to 3:30pm in Orbach Library room 240. Faculty is supporting the move. But Elsevier’s response is not encouraging. After the date when the current contract expires, UC will have access to 85-90% of the collection (subscribed till the date of expiration of the contract). Alternative Access Task Force is set up and working in this area. In the meantime, the story about the situation is getting picked up countrywide. There are a couple of people who are speaking on behalf of UC and the articles are very supportive. There is a plan to conduct periodic open houses until a solution is reached.
    2. Budget: Provost has augmented the collection budget. The library will get one-time money from UCOP for next four years. This will help to manage a part of the inflation.
  3. Updates from Committees
    a. Christina on Committee on Courses: A Task Force formed by the Provost suggested to transform 50 courses to online version. There were many questions from the committee on the report. The Task Force conducted a survey of the students to know their interest. The responses from two student representatives were that they may go for online courses of major interest. Christina will send the link to the report to LAUC-R members. Other questions from LAUC-R members were: whether 50 unique classes are proposed to be transformed.
    b. Dani on Research and Professional Development – the committee will meet soon
    c. Carla on Diversity Committee: looking for doing interesting programs
    d. Janet on Program Committee: have some ideas for Winter quarter
  4. Kent on LAUC-R participation/librarian engagement: Kent requested the members to feel free to engage in LAUC-R. There is a fair amount of confusion about what to expect from LAUC-R. LAUC-R belongs to its members and they should design it. He thanked Dani for offering some suggestions. Kent is looking for ideas.
  5. Individual thoughts on LAUC-R: Kent gave all attendees the chance to either talk about what they would or do value in LAUC-R, or to speak about a recent notable experience at work.
    Among those who spoke about LAUC-R, these points were raised:
    a. LAUC-R should address situations that impact us at work
    i. LAUC-R should be a place where we learn about planning and implementation of changes affecting our libraries
    b. We should be able to discuss the weaknesses and strengths of our departments
    c. A few people mentioned that they value seeing their colleagues and hearing what they are up to
    d. LAUC-R should step up to fulfill its potential
    i. A few questioned whether LAUC-R really does advise library administration – if not, could it start doing so?
    ii. There’s a feeling that if LAUC-R isn’t being listened to, why bother participating?
    e. LAUC-R could do more to support our peers going through academic review
    i. In particular, provide more support for “b, c, and d” criteria for review
    Find a community of practice for research
    f. It would help participation if some of the confusing things about LAUC-R are cleared up
    i. Difference between role of the union vs. role of LAUC-R
    ii. Difference between the Diversity Committee and CODEI
    iii. Take the time to explain jargon being used
    g. Time conflicts hamper participation
  6. LAUC Assembly
    a. UCR is the host – date is Thursday, March 28, 2019
    b. A theme is “LAUC engagement”
    c. We need to form organizing committees
    i. Promotion – create a digital presence (LibGuide?) for registration, directions, etc.
    Dani volunteered to be on this committee
    ii. Local Arrangements
    Parking, signage
    Airport transportation
    Reserve a block of hotel rooms – at the Mission Inn, or elsewhere?
    iii. Kent will send an email to LAUC-R membership about the Assembly, asking for more volunteers

Meeting Adjourned 2:30 pm

Minutes by Swati Bhattacharyya, LAUC-R Secretary and Janet Reyes

Membership Meeting, Aug. 31, 2018

Attendees: Kent LaCombe, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; David Rios, Chair; Janet Reyes; Carla Arbagey;
Andrew Lippert; Ken Furuta; Jessica Geiser; Ying Shen; Christina Cicchetti; JJ Jacobson; Kuei Chiu; Swati Bhattacharyya; Patricia Smith-Hunt; Michael Yonezawa; Kat Koziar; Noah Geraci; Cherry Williams; Ann Frenkel; Steve Mandeville-Gamble

Called to order at 11:17 am by David Rios

New Business

a. Michael moved that the minutes of the May 25, 2018 meeting be approved. Kent seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

b. The LAUC-R roster for 2018-19 is as follows:
Chair Kent LaCombe
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect Ken Furuta
Secretary Swati Bhattacharyya
Delegates Janet Reyes; Dani Cook (alternate)
Webmaster Yoko Kudo

Carla Arbagey will remain on the Executive Board by virtue of being the immediate past chair of LAUC systemwide.

c. Committee reports
Programs – Janet reported that Programs Committee sponsored or cosponsored nine programs during 2017-18, including the successful launch of the Brown Bag Professional Series. Total attendance for all programs was 136. The successes were attributable to the ideas and efforts of the committee members.

No other committee reports were given.

d. Chair’s report
David said his year-end report is in progress.

In 2017-18 LAUC-R lost six members and gained one. Currently there are 30 members.

The LAUC-R budget for 2018-19 has been approved. Individual members will once again be allocated $1500 in professional development funds.

During the year, David and Carla met with the Chancellor. One outcome was that academic non-senate UCR employees (which includes librarians) are now invited to participate in events such as New Student Convocation and Commencement. He recommended that we take advantage of these newly-gained opportunities.

David awarded certificates to the following individuals:
Carla Arbagey, for all her service to LAUC and LAUC-R
Janet Reyes, for serving as LAUC-R secretary and Programs committee chair
Kat Koziar, for her service as LAUC-R past Chair and as chair of CCRJE in 2017-18
Yoko Kudo, for serving as LAUC-R webmaster since 2012

David passed the gavel to Kent along with a gift for the incoming chair.

Meeting adjourned 11:36 am
Minutes prepared by Janet Reyes, Secretary

Membership Meeting: May 25, 2018

Orbach Science Library Room 240

Attendees: Kent LaCombe, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Ann Frenkel; Janet Reyes; Michael Yonezawa; Carla Arbagey; Ying Shen; Kuei Chiu; Manuel Urrizola; Rhonda Neugebauer; Christina Cicchetti; Andrew Lippert; Eric Milenkiewicz; Noah Geraci; Michele Potter; Swati Bhattacharrya; Kat Koziar
Called to order at 11:10 am by Kent LaCombe, presiding in the absence of David Rios

1. Acknowledgment of new and departing LAUC-R members
Kent welcomed Andrew Lippert, Special Collections Processing Archivist and our newest LAUC-R member. Andrew received a custom-made LAUC-R mug as a welcome gift.

Rhonda Neugebauer, currently the Collection Strategist for Arts and Humanities, is retiring after 17 years of service at UCR Library. Kent acknowledged the many contributions Rhonda has made to LAUC-R, diversity, the library, and librarianship generally. She spoke of her efforts assisting libraries in Cuba as being a particularly meaningful part of her career. Rhonda received a certificate of appreciation and two custom-made LAUC-R glassware items.

2. New Business
a. Due to the lack of a quorum, the minutes from the March 26, 2018 meeting could not be approved. Kent said that the minutes will be sent out for approval via email.

b. Kat stated that LAUC-R elections are currently in progress. The ballots include LAUC-R candidates, choices for LAUC officers, and a change to the LAUC bylaws. Choices for CAPA-L members were also included on ballots sent to LAUC-R members who are eligible to vote for CAPA-L candidates.
As stated in an email to LAUC-R members, there were no candidates for LAUC-R Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. The ballots include an opportunity to write in a nomination. If a nominee is identified and accepts the nomination, a special election will take place to vote for the office.

c. Committee reports
i. CCRJE – Kat reported that members have had the opportunity to comment on proposed changes to the bylaws. The committee is now separating out some portions of the existing bylaws to standing rules. The process is going fairly quickly. CCRJE is also awaiting input from another committee regarding one section of the bylaws.
ii. Programs – Janet reported that the May 10 presentation by Trina Ray on the Cassini Mission to Saturn was a success. A link to a video recording of the program is available. Michele mentioned the hard work Janet and committee members did behind the scenes as the result of last-minute complications.
The committee will coordinate a program in mid- to late August, which will be a virtual reality experience.
iii. Kent said that the Diversity Committee invited a speaker, who declined. No other activities are in the works.

d. The year-end meeting will be on August 31, from 11:10 – 12:00 in Orbach 240. Refreshments will be served.

e. After the departure of Kimberlee Frederick, no one is currently coordinating the Library Insider. Kat and Michele suggested that this outlet of creativity, reviews, and news sharing could be kept going in the form of a zine. Individuals could contribute a page, and when enough pages are received the zine could be compiled. A few hard copies could be distributed, and if desired a digital version could be made by scanning the pages.
Page contributions for the first zine can be sent to Michele or Kat.

Meeting adjourned 11:35 am
Minutes prepared by Janet Reyes, Secretary

Membership Meeting: March 26, 2018

Orbach Science Library Room 240

Attendees: David Rios, chair; Ann Frenkel; Janet Reyes; Michael Yonezawa; Carla Arbagey; Judy Lee; Jessica Geiser; Zayda Delgado; Ying Shen; Kuei Chiu; Manuel Urrizola; Patricia Smith-Hunt; Dani Cook; Robin Katz

Called to order at 11:10 am by David Rios

1. LAUC-R Chair’s remarks
David thanked the UL for assigning him to participate in the Greater Mexico/U.S. Latinx cluster hire. Two new faculty members from this hire came to campus in Fall 2017. One of them is Tara Yosso, author of the book Critical race counterstories along the Chicana/Chicano educational pipeline. David read a brief passage from the book. He noted that many of the sources in the book are in our collection, thanks to Rhonda. David also shared flyers regarding the California Citrus State Historic Park, a California Historical Society exhibit on LA Chicana/o murals, and the Riverside Tamale Festival.

David mentioned that Ken Furuta was chosen to be the CAPA-L second alternate in the off-cycle election held in January.

2. New Business
a. Due to the lack of a quorum, the minutes from the January 26, 2018 meeting could not be approved. David mentioned that the minutes will be sent out for approval via email.

b. David read Michele Potter’s notes from the LAUC State Assembly which had taken place on March 23 at UCSF Mission Bay campus. Among the key points discussed at the Assembly were: the lack of a candidate for LAUC Vice-President/President Elect in the upcoming election; the need to revise LAUC Position Paper 5, which was written in the 1980s; and the passage of a resolution honoring the first Secretary of the Board of Regents as the first UC librarian.

c. Committee reports
i. CCRJE – Carla reported that the committee has reviewed the bylaws and made proposed changes in the following areas: grammar and punctuation; rules for succession; and committee sections, including raising the issue of revising or dropping the Mentoring committee.
The CCRJE also noted that the section of the bylaws relating to CAPA-L needs revision (especially regarding how to deal with vacancies), but wasn’t sure whether it’s appropriate for CCRJE to make those revisions.
LAUC-R members are encouraged to look at and comment on the proposed changes by accessing them here: http://bit.ly/laucr-bylawsRevision. Hopefully the edits can be completed prior to the LAUC-R elections in May.

ii. Research and Professional Development – Dani reported that three travel grants were received from LAUC. LAUC-R members need to submit requests for using their professional development funds, and get approval, by March 30. After that, members can apply for using the pool of unused funds. Nicole Valencia is keeping the balance sheets for this.

iii. Programs – Janet reported that the next LAUC-R Professional Brown Bag will be on April 18, when Bergis Jules, Robin, and their colleague Ed Summers give a presentation on the DocNow app. On May 10, Trina Ray from NASA JPL will return to give another talk on the Cassini Mission to Saturn. UCR Library is cosponsoring the event with LAUC, which will be held from 4:00 – 5:00 pm in HUB 269.

Meeting adjourned 11:38 am Minutes prepared by Janet Reyes, Secretary

Membership Meeting: January 26, 2018

Orbach Science Library Room 240

Attendees:  David Rios, chair; Steve Mandeville-Gamble; Ann Frenkel; Janet Reyes; Michael Yonezawa; Judy Lee; Carla Arbagey; Jessica Geiser; Zayda Delgado; Yoko Kudo; Swati Bhattacharyya; Manuel Urrizola; Patricia Smith-Hunt; Kat Koziar; Michele Potter

Called to order at 11:10 am by David Rios


  1. Carla announced the upcoming LAUC Statewide Assembly on Friday, March 23 at UCSF.
  2. David called attention to the 1/24 email about Commencement ceremonies and urged librarians to attend at least one.
  3. David also reminded attendees that ballots are out for filling the vacancy for the CAPA-L 2nd To be counted, ballots must be submitted to Janet by 5:00 pm on Monday, January 29.

University Librarian’s remarks

Creating a gender-inclusive restroom in Rivera is a project now in the Capital Programs Management System. Criteria include that the restroom is located close to staff, accessible, and well lit. Plans are to convert the women’s restroom on the first floor of Rivera Unit 1 with six stalls and a baby-changing area to be gender inclusive. Two of the stalls will be converted to enclosed urinals. Meanwhile, the adjacent men’s room will be converted to a women’s restroom. Many variables could affect when the construction phase starts, but Steve hopes it will happen by the end of summer.

LAUC-R Chair’s remarks

David read excerpts from two books: My memoirs: climbing up the downstair escalator by Ameal Moore, and Joy Inc: how we built a workplace people love by Richard Sheridan. Passages from the former book related to dreams and optimism inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in the author’s kickoff speech to a successful bid for the Riverside City Council Ward 2 seat; passages from the latter involved ideas from tech software firm Menlo Innovations on the atmosphere of a successful workplace: being authentic, qualities of effective leadership, thinking outside the box, and that success follows joy (more so than the reverse).

New Business

  1. Due to the lack of a quorum, the minutes from the meetings of September 18, 2017 and November 30, 2017 could not be approved. David mentioned that the minutes will be sent out for approved via email.
  2. Each member present was given a couple of minutes to share about professional accomplishments, LAUC-R business, impacts of reorganization, or other information of interest to colleagues.

Meeting adjourned 12:05 pm

Minutes prepared by Janet Reyes, Secretary

Membership Meeting: November 30, 2017

Orbach Science Library Room 240

Attendees: David Rios, chair; Kent LaCombe, chair-elect; Steve Mandeville-Gamble; Michael Yonezawa; Judy Lee; Noah Geraci; Dani Cook; Cherry Williams; Manuel Urrizola; Christina Cicchetti; Ying Shen; JJ Jacobson; Patricia Smith-Hunt; Kat Koziar; Krista Ivy; Brianna Marshall

Called to order at 11:10 am by David Rios

  1. LAUC-R Chair’s remarks
    David reiterated that the provost indicated librarians are allowed to participate in commencement (per UL email November 3, 2017). There is some concern that if no one does, that privilege could be lost.
    David and Carla met with the university chancellor. They provided information on LAUC and LAUC-R.
  2. University Librarian’s remarks
    The School of Medicine is considering several spaces in the ground floor of Orbach Science Library for its research and learning activities. The answer is pending, although the provost favors Orbach. The School of Medicine is currently evaluating various options.
  3. New Business
    1. Committees
      • Filled positions
        • Pending membership approval, the CCRJE alternate is Judy Lee; Patricia Smith-Hunt has joined the Committee on Professional Governance and Ying Shen is on the Committee on Diversity for another term.
        • Manuel Urrizola is our alternate parliamentarian.
        • Dani Cook is the Library/LAUC-R representative on the Academic Senate Committee on Courses.
      • Professional Governance: Will meet Dec 1 at 3:30 pm.
      • Research & Professional Development: Has received two applications for LAUC grants. The committee is open to working with the Programs Committee on programming related to professional development.
      • Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction & Elections: The committee is reviewing the bylaws for various improvements in content and grammar, as well as updating items that are out of date.
      • Programs: Is cosponsoring a program entitled “The Multigenerational Library Workspace” with the LAUC-R Diversity Committee. Carla Arbagey will be presenting.
        The committee is considering having a follow-up to the Cassini program of May 2017. The first Brown Bag Professional Series presentation was by Kat Koziar, Michele Potter, and Krista Ivy in late October: a preview of their presentation to CLA about the origin of the Creat’R Lab.
      • Diversity: Is cosponsoring the “The Multigenerational Library Workspace” program.
      • Mentoring: No update.
      • Ad hoc committee on LAUC-R web presence: David has formed this committee. The first meeting is scheduled for December 1.
      • Comments from the floor
        • Michael talked about onboarding/mentoring documentation on the UCLA website.
        • Judy stated that in some instances LAUC-R programming can be open to wider audiences.
        • Dani said that the Teaching & Learning librarians are working with new people, including faculty members.
        • On the subject of Academic Review: the LAUC-R website could use more information related to peer review in relation to employee review.
        • Clicking on links to the LAUC-R wiki from the website requires you to log in to the wiki.
        • The LAUC-R website is public-facing; the wiki is a workspace for documentation and collaboration.

Meeting adjourned by consent 11:55 am
Minutes prepared by Kent LaCombe (notetaker) and Janet Reyes, Secretary

Membership Meeting: September 18, 2017

Orbach Science Library Room 240

Attendees: David Rios, chair; Kat Koziar, past chair; Janet Reyes; Steve Mandeville-Gamble; Ann Frenkel; Alison Scott; Carla Arbagey; Michele Potter; Christina Cicchetti; Cherry Williams; Michael Yonezawa; Judy Lee; Robin Katz; Swati Bhattacharyya; Noah Geraci; Rhonda Neugebauer; Patricia Smith-Hunt; Krista Ivy; Ying Shen

Called to order at 2:00 pm by Kat Koziar

  1. 2016-2017 LAUC-R Chair Kat Koziar passed the gavel to David Rios as he is LAUC-R chair for 2017-2018. Kat thanked David and also presented him with a binder containing LAUC-R information, as well as a couple of small gifts relating to stress relief.
  2. The University Librarian will have a time slot of up to 10 minutes at membership meetings. Steve intends to use it to share important happenings on campus and in the library.
    • The Center for Teaching and Learning will be opening up soon in the former Government Publications offices in Rivera. Dani Cook will be on the steering committee; the director will be Perry Link, who reports to the VPUE.
    • Construction in the Center for Spatial Sciences is nearing completion, and may be ready for occupancy this week. Serge Rey is the director, and two faculty members have been hired. Steve will invite Serge to talk at an all-staff meeting.
    • The Chair of the Academic Senate Committee on Courses invited Steve to submit the name of a representative from the Library to attend meetings. This person would serve as a liaison between the committee and the UL/Library/LAUC-R, for example to share news of any proposed courses that may impact the Library significantly.
    • The Library is very close to reaching an agreement with the preferred vendor for the new ILMS.
    • Steve, Wendy Williams-Clark, LAUC-R, and CAPA-L representatives will meet tomorrow with VPAP Academic Personnel to go over The Call review procedures and timeline. This meeting should help minimize the types of communication issues that arose last year.
    • The announcement for our search for a new AUL for Collections was released last Friday.
  3. Committees
    • LAUC-R Guests serving on Committees: While this is contrary to Bylaws Article III.3, it’s been allowed by a specific motion for the past two years and was renewed for 2017-2018 in the Executive Board Meeting of 8/31/17.
    • Roster of Committees: the roster was reviewed and updated. Members are still needed to fill the following vacancies: Alternate member of the Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdictions, and Elections; member of the Committee for Professional Governance; and Alternate Parliamentarian.
      Rhonda moved to accept the roster; Judy seconded. MOTION CARRIED.
    • Academic Senate LAUC-Representatives: While it isn’t certain that the Chair of the Academic Senate Library and Information Technology Committee will request a librarian who would be a guest on the committee, volunteers to be considered for that position are welcome should the opportunity arise. Similarly, nominations/volunteers are requested to serve as the representative on the Academic Senate Committee on Courses (see 2c).
  4. Meeting Ground Rules Draft: David presented a list of rules that will be tried this year in conducting LAUC-R meetings. Suggestions are welcome. The LAUC-R Meeting Rules (Draft) document also includes a copy of the UCR Principles of Community. (See 5.b.i. below)
  5. Remarks by the LAUC-R Chair
    • David encouraged members to try new ways of doing one’s work this year.
      • Example: David’s brown bag presentation 9/6/17 on his research regarding the Agua Mansa cemetery.
      • We could have a brown bag series for librarians to share their research or their presentations made at conferences or elsewhere.
    • His priority for the year is to work on particular points raised in the recent survey of LAUC-R members: increased support among colleagues; increased opportunities to learn about new situations faced by colleagues; and better communication.
      • Examples: the LAUC-R meeting rules (see #4), and allowing meeting attendees two minutes to speak, with a possible extension of another two minutes.
    • Another goal: review of the bylaws, preferably in stages. Some items could be moved from the bylaws to a set of newly-created standing rules.
      • The bylaws make no mention of the LAUC-R website or webmaster. Yoko has been serving unofficially as webmaster. If members see any changes needed to the website, please inform David or Yoko.
      • Open to suggestions on how to make LAUC-R run more smoothly.
    • Executive Board meetings are open to all LAUC-R members unless the Board goes into Executive Session. Minutes for the Exec Board meetings of 8/31/17 and 9/13/17 were shared as attachments to the email sent out for this membership meeting; in the future, the secretary will routinely send out the minutes of Exec Board meetings.
    • David would like to see at least two candidates for each position on the ballot in the May 2018 elections.
    • Idea for a panel or presentation: librarianship outside the US. Three colleagues who were approached on the idea are agreeable to being part of the presentation. If the idea sounds interesting, please email David or Janet (chair of the Committee on Programs).
    • If the tone of any LAUC-R membership meeting makes an individual feel unsafe, it is OK to use the parliamentary procedure “Question of Privilege.” As explained by Michael (Parliamentarian), this is a motion to recess (for five minutes, for example).
    • Highlights from the LAUC Transition Meeting 8/28/17 and Conference Call 9/7/17
      • The LAUC Assembly will probably be in March 2018 at UCSF.
      • The LAUC chair (Carla) gave the following charges to the LAUC committees:
        • Research and Professional Development: review grant guidelines and PDFs
        • Diversity: list diversity resources
        • Professional Governance: review Position Paper #5.
      • By the first Wednesday of every month, let David know of any news or accomplishments that would be appropriate to share during the Round Robin portion of the LAUC conference calls.
  6. Partial survey results (opinions about LAUC-R) were shared out via email prior to the meeting. Members can give feedback at the November meeting.
  7. Cherry moved to adjourn the meeting; Kat seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

Meeting adjourned 2:45 pm Minutes prepared by Janet Reyes, Secretary

Membership Meeting: Apr. 10, 2017

Location: Orbach 240

Respectfully submitted by Kent LaCombe

Present: Kat Koziar, Kuei Chiu, Tiffany Moxham, Noah Geraci, Dani Cook, Alison Scott, Yoko Kudo, Swati Bhattacharyya, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Eric Milenkiewicz, Carla Arbagey, Cherry Williams, David Rios, Ying Shen, Zayda Delgado, Janet Reyes, Sara Stilley, Judy Lee, Ann Frenkel, Jessica Geiser, Kent LaCombe

  1. Minutes from the 01/26/17 LAUC-R membership meeting were approved as amended
  2. The LAUC systemwide assembly meeting is in April. They are still seeking stories about LAUC and its history.  This is the last day to register to attend the gathering in Irvine.
  3. Committee reports
    Research and Professional Development
    Tiffany reported that everyone should have turned in what they are doing with their professional development funds.  Requests for supplemental funds should be submitted by the 15th of April.  Tiffany received the funding status report and sent out individual balance information as March 30th.  She’s updating the professional development spreadsheet with the relevant data.  Kat, Swati, Dani, Yoko, Cherry and Tiffany will be further updating information by meeting with individuals.  Additional requests can be added through May 20th.  Some members have exceeded their limits while others have not utilized all of their funds.  Finance is tracking expenditures.  Steve suggested that a proposal be created for how best to track allocations and ensure they are utilized fairly.  The only guaranteed money is what is specifically spelled out in the contracts.  Kuei suggested using Google Docs.  Carla will check with other campuses and see whether librarians or budget and finance are tracking individual expenditures.  Steve relayed that some campuses approve different amounts based on the potential professional impact of what they are requesting funds for.
  4. Other business
    Steve is meeting with President Napolitano for their second annual meeting.
    The NRLF’s proposed 50 million dollar expansion was scaled back to 33 million.  The SRLF cannot be expanded due to its location on a fault.  Access to tier 1 shared resources is becoming financially unsustainable for 6 of 10 UC campuses.
    The California Library Association issued a call for proposals this week.  Kat is looking for suggestions.  Cherry and David mentioned to possibility of something related to preservation and/or digital preservation.  What are the advantages of digital in terms of utilizing data? Carla and Noah brought up how we have envisioned doing and exhibits.

Meeting adjourned.


Membership Meeting: Jan. 26, 2017

2:00 pm
Location: Orbach 240

Present: Kat Koziar, Kuei Chiu, Tiffany Moxham, Noah Geraci, Rhonda Neugebauer, Dani Cook, Ken Furuta, Alison Scott, Yoko Kudo, Swati Bhattacharyya, Patricia Smith-Hunt, Manuel Urrizola, Steven Mandeville-Gamble, Michael Yonezawa, Eric Milenkiewicz, Robin Katz, Carla Arbagey, David Rios, Kent LaCombe, Ying Shen, Christina Cicchetti, Zayda Delgado, JJ Jacobson, Janet Reyes, Angela Lee, Ann Frenkel

  1. Minutes from the 12/08/16 LAUC-R membership meeting were approved as amended.
  2. Discussed the LAUC exec assembly at UC Irvine. Normally the vice-chair attended, but Judy is attending as an alternate delegate.  Two more delegates are needed.  Kat is willing to carpool.  For the 50th anniversary of LAUC 5 or so highlights are needed.  Are there any scrapbooks or relevant photos that could be utilized?
    Carla mentioned there was a call for posters for the assembly.  Virtual posters are also an option.
  3. Committee reports
    1. Diversity
      Kent reported on the diversity committee’s interest in seeing the libraries incorporate all gender restrooms.  Steve expressed interest but pointed out the serious budgetary constraints the library currently has.  Kent brought up the single stall restroom in Rivera as a possible starting point that would not require renovation.  The committee is also working on putting a speaking panel together – currently have acquired tentative agreements to speak from Associated Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion Miriam Lam and former UCR LAUC-R diversity chair Melissa Cardenas-Dow
    2. Elections – vice-chair elections were held.  Eric was elected vice-chair of LAUC-R.
    3. Programs committee
      • Co-sponsored in November with student groups and academic programs, the visit of author and actress Diana Guerrero – address issues of being forcefully separated from family members who were undocumented (co-sponsored by the UCR Undocumented Student Programs Office)
      • Co-sponsored an ALA webinar with the Diversity Committee on Diversity in Libraries (Oct 2016) and a brown bag with UCR attendees of the National Diversity in Libraries Conference at UCLA in August 2016;
      • Rhonda reported on a number of programs under development by the Committee, including a panel on diversity with AEVC Mariam Lam, a program on Cassini mission, a program for foodies on eating more veggies and fruit (coming in the Spring quarter).
      • The Programs Committee will co-sponsor a panel on diversity with the Diversity Committee – on Monday May 15
      • Possible speaker from the Jet propulsion laboratory will speak about the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn – on May 9
      • Noah is reviewing climate change data and may proposed a future panel (on hold)
      • February proposed program idea on Black Lives Matter was canceled due to the number of other campus activities around the same time period
    4. Tiffany is going to email information related to the timeline and due dates for submitting professional development funding
      In the 1970s and 80s LAUC-R directed some funds toward individual grants: $1,500 for represented and $500 for non-represented.  Is there any interest in reinstating that system?  Tiffany stated that she preferred the current system.  Eric agreed.  A motion was passed to continue distributing LAUC-R funds evenly between membership and also to revise the website’s information.  Additionally the bylaws will be reviewed to see if they need changed.
    5. Committee on courses
      Tiffany reported that there is a general sense that we are behind on online learning.  She said it would be helpful if a link to the library was added to the iLearn interface.
    6. Carla reported there are systemwide Research and Professional Development grants available. The deadline to apply is March 3rd.  Kat will follow up with an email announcement.
    7. Committee chairs are coming to the next exec meeting. One item of interest is brainstorming possible brownbag topics / times.
    8. Steve reported that he is meeting with the Chancellor and other deans for a structured conversation regarding campus issues.
    9. Other: we need to assure that important announcements go out

      Noah reported on his review of climate change data.  Websites are archived in the CDL internet archive.  Steve will be talking to Günter and John from the California Digital Library.  We currently have an end of term web archive for a number of federal sites at the end of President Obama’s Administration.  The longer our crawlers run on a site, the more complete the backup.

      Steve will be meeting with Mike Pazzani and others to discuss where data might be stored.  One option is a two petabytes server farm.

      Meeting adjourned