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Tailoring Assessment Recorded Webinar

Getting the Right Fit:
Tailoring Assessment Strategies for Your Library

Tuesday, April 22, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (US Eastern Time), in-person at Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts) and via live-streaming video

Librarians find themselves in an ever-shifting landscape where tight budgets, increased electronic material purchasing, and ever expanding user expectations influence the use and the perceived value of the library. Central to a library’s success will be the ability to present compelling evidence, backed by data to demonstrate the library’s contribution to their institution’s mission and goals. A key component to determining and expressing the value of the library is increasingly being drawn from a successful assessment program. This event—co-hosted by the Boston Library Consortium and OCLC—will help to define the practice of assessment, explore what drives a successful assessment program, and identify practical tools and techniques that may be tailored to use in reaching the specific assessment goals of your library.


Evolution of Linked Data Recorded Webinar


02 June 2014

The Evolution of Linked Data (a one-hour webinar)

Join OCLC’s Ted Fons, Corey Harper of New York University, and Phil Schreur of Stanford University as they trace the evolution of linked data technology over the years, and demonstrate practical applications of the latest linked data technologies being utilized in libraries today.



Collective Insight: past events

Libraries work together to find solutions, save money, learn from each other, share resources and achieve efficiencies. The goal of the new Collective Insight series is to take this idea and extend it to broad issues that impact the work libraries do. By applying some massively collaborative thinking to issues and opportunities that libraries face today, we can deepen our collective knowledge, broaden our expertise, and discover specific actions that can be applied immediately—both at your library, and across the OCLC cooperative.


Free Infographics Webinar July 10 2pm

Join DC/SLA on Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 2pm for a free webinar on Communicating through Infographics: Visualizing Scientific and Engineering Information, presented as part of the Transportation Librarians Roundtable (TLR). The webinar will be led by Dr. Christa Kelleher of Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

This webinar is sponsored by IEEE.

Registration is appreciated but not required: http://dc.sla.org/events/?ee=301 

To access the webinar on July 10:

Go to: http://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/translibrarian
Phone number (for audio portion): 1-877-336-1274
Conference Room Number (passcode): 5759713

About the Webinar:

With the growing amount of data available at our fingertips, effective and efficient scientific visualization is becoming increasingly important in modern society. Visualization of scientific and engineering data serves two broad purposes: visualization for analysis, and visualization for presentation (whether in reports, presentations, brochures, etc). Dr. Christa Kelleher will discuss what makes an effective figure or graphic and how this changes depending on the type of data being visualized and the intended purpose/audience. While the emphasis of visualizations is simplicity, Dr. Kelleher will draw on examples that include display of data with multiple dimensions as well as working with large datasets. By establishing a set of ‘best practices’ for visualization, the goal will be to provide a set of simple rules applicable across disciplines for improving graphics in any setting. Examples of effective visualization from a range of data sources as well as recent visualization advances will be used to illustrate these points. The webinar will also touch on open-source visualization tools, web-based interfaces, and analytical software to aid analysis and presentation.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Christa Kelleher is currently a postdoctoral associate in Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment investigating the relative importance of hydrological processes in small streams through complex watershed modeling. She has a MS and PhD in Civil Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and earned her BS at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. Dr. Kelleher has published on and participated in webinar discussions of effective scientific visualization during her time at Penn State, and continues to remain actively engaged in scientific visualization through her research and colleagues at Duke. Dr. Kelleher’s primary background is in model diagnostics, with additional experience in statistical techniques for large, multidimensional datasets and high performance computing.

Questions? Please contact Deena Adelman at PresidentElect@dc.sla.org

Webinar Recordings

LAUC-R Funds a number of Webinars on an annual basis, either through the Programs Committee or through individual Prefessional Development Money.  If you do purchase access to a webinar, consider paying the group rate and inviting colleagues.  If you would rather not spend the extra money from your allocation, feel free to contact LAUC-R Programs or the LAUC-R Chair.  When you receive the links for the archive, please let the LAUC Webmaster know.

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